Yep, Replicape is definitely the quietest printer board I've ever heard! Now just need

Yep, Replicape is definitely the quietest printer board I’ve ever heard!
Now just need to get me quieter fans…

Do you have a config you can share? I’m still trying to work out some “wonkiness” that I’m seeing with my delta.

Also, do you have the .cht you were working on? I’m seeing something close to what you were last time we chatted. (Hotend goes to stable ~25 degrees colder than it’s target.)

(Sorry, was an idiot and missed your PID settings section in your wiki entry)

@Andy_Tomascak no problem, I only added the PID section recently. Like I said, I’m still building up the page… As far as my configuration file, well, I can post it, sure. If you can wait until I’m home tonight. But I didn’t change any of the geometry settings from Elias’ Kossel config file. I re-defined a few settings for the stepper drivers, the endstops and the home position (I’m not sure why his home position is (0,0,0), it should be (0,0,zmax) probably). I also re-computed the steps_per_mm because my GT2 pulleys are 18 teeth and not 20. What delta is it that you have, and what “wonkiness” are you running into?

@Andy_Tomascak : config file I have running now on my kossel: