Yeah so FreeCAD path workbench will soon have an adaptive operation.

(Daniel Wood) #1

Yeah so @FreeCAD path workbench will soon have an adaptive operation.

If you haven’t tried FreeCAD or you don’t currently use it then you should. There are some really passionate and talented guys working on these tools and your support and feedback is always welcome.

(Paul Frederick) #2

I just got a new SSD and reinstalled my whole system. I have to put FreeCAD back on it. I build the git source. So it isn’t quite as easy as click and install. I have my notes from old builds though so it should go pretty straightforward for me.

(James Rivera) #3

Does this work with the latest release Windows 0.17x build or does it require 0.18x?

(Daniel Wood) #4

@James_Rivera its currently in a private Git repo.
Hopefully in master branch in a week or so.

(Paul Frederick) #5

@Daniel_Wood thanks for a good excuse to procrastinate.

(Daniel Wood) #6

@James_Rivera Windows builds here: should be updated soon.

(Daniel Wood) #7

The adaptive OP has now been committed to master:

(James Rivera) #8

@Daniel_Wood how long do you think it will take for this to reach Windows 0.17x builds? Or is this only going into 0.18x?

(Paul Frederick) #9

@Daniel_Wood making me download it are you?

(Paul Frederick) #10

@Daniel_Wood fresh out of the compiler
FreeCAD 0.18, Libs: 0.18R14713 (Git)

(Daniel Wood) #11

@James_Rivera 0.18 only…

…its the future