Y axis motor and drive location

I was looking at my K40 in preparation for doing Russ Sadler’s Xtreeem updates and it had me looking again at that front cover plate which hides the Y axis belt drive system. It had to wondering about belt adjustment and realized the belt adjustments(s) are at the other end(back of the machine).
To adjust the belts the whole motion frame would need to be removed.

Had the Y axis motor and drive gear system been mounted in the back of the machine, not only could the Y axis belt adjustments be made through vent holes in the front but it would also add about 40mm of travel to the Y axis.

Has anyone seen this or done such a modification?

There should be two holes in the back of the machine for accessing the Y tensioners.

With some models, these two holes are in the front.

The X tensioner is accessed through that larger hole in the wall which separates the engraving and electronics compartments.

I removed that L profile cover thing in the front since it’s just in the way. It appears to be purely cosmetic. I wonder why they even bother with that.

I remember reading that someone moved the motor to the back, but I haven’t seen any pictures.

People who gut the machine and redo the XY stage from scratch usually put the motor in the back.