XMAS tree base

Went out this morning to get a real Xmas tree totally forgot you have to have a base :see_no_evil:
Decided to knock one up on the CNC .
18mm redface ply.
Done with vetric.
Simple design but does the job.
I did have to put a couple of screws in to keep the tree straight. Might have to do a V2 with adjustable grips… For next year


I like that. Nice solution to a problem.

Very cool CNC project.

Question though, how are you going to keep it watered so it doesn’t dry out to quick?

Maybe a tree IV if you don’t already have a solution.

Or make some blocks for the feet to raise it up some to side a shallow watering pan underneath


That’s a much better solution than what I came up with.
Tbh totally forgot trees need water until about 2hours ago .

I ended up cutting a empty squash bottle up and putting it in lucky there was the room. Fits about 500ml of water so might have to top it up twice a day.


Nice maybe next year…