X5 Mini WiFi Config Setup

(Brandon Cramer) #1

So let’s first start out by saying user error on trying to get the X5 Mini Wifi functioning. I’m so used to the X5 Mini being mounted upside down on my Eustathios Spider V2 that I put the SD card in upside down.

Now I’m able to get it connected via Repetier Host. My next issue was the stepper not moving smooth and kind of moving forwards and backwards. This turned out to be my wiring. With my ohm meter I checked each wire to see which coil was connected to each set of wires. I placed the first set of wires on the X5 Mini to 1A and 1B and the second set to 2A and 2B. Now I’m able move the stepper.

This X5 Mini WiFi is so quiet!!!

I’m using 1/32nd stepping and stealthChop2. I’m not sure if I should use this for all my axis.

I’m having some trouble with steps per mm. When I move the x axis 32mm it doesn’t make a full rotation. I’m currently set to 160 step per mm.

(Johan Jakobsson) #2

I tested different micro steppings yesterday and found 1/4 with stealthChop2 (ie remove all 3 jumpers) to be even more quiet than 1/16 & 1/32 as it removed a lot of resonance from the frame.
With 20T GT2 pulley’s I had to change steps/mm to 40.
Not sure but I think the TMC 2224 drivers I’ve got my my X5 Mini interpolates to 1/256 which ever micro stepping you’ve set.

With the extruder though it had the opposite effect and retractions were a lot more more audible and i got resonances in the frame that were visible on the printed parts. After changing to 1/16 the resonances were gone. IT’s a 1/40 reduction though and requires high RPM which might be why.

For Z which is leadscrew driven on my printer I use 1/32 and SpreadCycle but perhaps it could benefit from lower micro stepping and StealthChop2 also. Will try tonight.

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(Dennis P) #3

i am curious how this is working out for you two.

i just put experimental port of RepRapFirmware, same as what is on Duet, on my ReArm and I am using it with TMC2224’s.

I left all 3 jumpers in place, so i am pretty sure I am 1/32 SpreadCycle

(Johan Jakobsson) #4

Curious how what is working out?

I have since switched stepper motors to moon steppers and I’m back to 1/16 microstepping with SteahChop for both X/Y and the extruder which works very well.

(Brandon Cramer) #5

I’m getting there. I’ve made some physical adjustments to the 3D printer. I’m working on putting it back together. The last issue I was having was with the optical endstops. When I tried to home X or Y it wasn’t working. When I pressed home it would only move a couple of MM’s.

I’ve just about got it back together so I can try it again…

(Dennis P) #6

What firmware are you using?

(Brandon Cramer) #7

Smoothieware. I don’t know much about optical endstops. Do I disable the other endstops in smoothieware?

optional enable limit switches, actions will stop if any enabled limit switch is triggered

set to true to enable X min and max limit switches

set to true to enable Y min and max limit switches

set to true to enable Z min and max limit switches

move XY to 0,0 after homing

(Johan Jakobsson) #8

Test to see if the endstops are working as intended.
Trigger one of the eddstops and while triggered write M119 in the console to see if it’s actually triggered or not.