X-Carve using Azteeg X5 ~ Dual (slaved) Y Axis Connection/Config?

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I am building the new X-Carve (similar to the Shapeoko as they both have 2 stepper motors on the Y Axis rails) and am going to use the Azteeg X5 v1.1 ~ I am trying to suss out how to connect the two Y axis motors and how to config to drive them in slave mode ~ of course ~ my thoughts thus far is that I should connect them to the two Z driver connectors on the Azteeg X5 ~ as they would be slaved by default(I believe) ~ still puzzling this however, as well as how to config for the 4 Stepper motors on the X-Carve ~ namely the Y motors. I am using Nema 23s ~ 1.8A ~

~if I should go with the Z Axis Driver connections ~ does this driver provide the same amps for both motors? or are the amps split 50/50 ~ I think I should prefer that each motor be able to draw the full amps available on the X5. The X-Carve standard setup is to hardwire these two motors (reverse wiring one of them) together and then lead into a single driver (I forget if it’s serial or parallel or what) ~ but I am leaning to ignoring this method (as it’s relating to a board with only 3 drivers) ~ since the Azteeg X5 gives you 4 stepper drivers. (that’s why I got the X5!)

Another consideration is that I am pretty sure that one of the Y Axis Stepper Motors should be turning in the opposite direction of the other (woo my head is spinning much the same ;{P )

I am thinking as well that there may be an alternative to using the dual Z Axis driver ~ maybe using the Extruder Driver for a second Y Axis driver (as it seems to be the exact same Stepper Driver as the ones designated on the wiring diagram of the Azteeg X5)…

If so to either method ~ then some guidance on connecting and editing the Config file would be greatly appreciated.

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