X axis not working

I am using a Makerbase DLC V2.0 on a generic pro 3018. Loaded Openbuilds 1.1. Both the Z and Y axis work fine but not the X. I have switched all to other plugs and the steppers work find.
Any help?

What exactly do you mean here?

I would first swap you motor wires with one of the working axes. Does the problem follow the motor or the axis output?

If it follows the motor, well, bad motor.
If it follows the axis output, check the driver current.
If the driver current is OK, swap the drivers with a working axis.
If it follows the driver, bad driver.
If it still follows the axis, check your firmware.
If that’s all good, your board might be bad.

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Turns out the drive is bad. Can you buy them? Thanks for the help :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re welcome! What model driver do you have? A4988, DRV8825, TMC2209, TMC2208?

I don’t know so I went on Amazon and bought a MKS V 2.1 and a Woodpecker v 3.4. I should be making sawdust any day now!