X axis home switch not working I am going to order the parts per

X axis home switch not working I am going to order the parts per Don’s repair instructions and give it a go, it looks like the optical sensor is cleaved in half on one side

It could have been assembled badly, it’s also possible it’s been hit by the mechanism that’s supposed to run through the gap. Make sure it’s correctly positioned or the replacement will get chopped too.

Just switch over to mechanical switches/ endstops. Cheap and direct.

Make sure that you replace the resistor in the instructions :).

@donkjr ok thank you

I had the same problem. My post is out here somewhere. The copper had been torn up from the board. Added wires to replace them, then realized the metal that sets off the sensor was too high. Made a new one from scrap.

BTW if this is a new machine it may have been misaligned. If not it is useful to investigate why the interposer impacted the sensor, something else may be wrong.

I’ve ordered the replacement sensors from China only because I wasn’t sure if my skills soldering new style switches in place.

But now I’ve got them it seems the pcb solder points are - well I guess gone…is there a way to make the holes usable again ? Or do I need to drill them out ? Or should I just tack wired from point to point? If so anyone got a wiring diagram?

Can you post a picture.
Where did you get replacements.