X axis acting weird on a Delta DIY Bot

Hello All,
I have spent the past 2 weeks reading all the Smoothieware code configuration help at Smoothie.org. I believe I have coded the config correctly but maybe I missed something, but have gone over it again and again.
I have a Smoothieboard v1.1 that I bought from TimeShell of Canada. I am powering it with 12v dc with 3 Quimat 17HS16-2004S steppers which are 1.8 degree, 200 steps per revolution 2A one for each axis of the Delta 3D printer.
Right now I am just testing it out and the first thing I tried is to home it. That is where the problem is. When I command the bot to home using Pronterface, The Z and Y carriages move up while the X carriage moves down until the Z and Y hit the end stops, then the X carriage moves up and hits the end stop then all 3 move down a bit go back up to the end stops but then X moves a bit more down then Z and Y. I posted a video on youtube but I am a low karma user so I cannot post the links here. I also tried to past my config file but must of did something wrong because the site would not let me past it here.

Can anyone help me.

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