WS2812 Strips in CNC routed plywood letter forms! Hello FastLED,

(Matt Richard) #1

WS2812 Strips in CNC routed plywood letter forms!

Hello FastLED,

I am sharing a project I have been working on for the summer, and another last minute Burning Man project. In my case, I am adding new life to the YUM cart with fully addressable letters. Here are the specs:
WS2812 60ppm ip65 strips from AliExpress
Teensy 3.1
Using the Parallel Output wiring setup and demo code.

I will be adding as many patterns as I can get my hands on. If you would like me to add one of your patterns, please comment some code below and I will try my best to add it.

Hopefully I will get another video up tomorrow night before they head off to Black Rock City.


(Marc Miller) #2

That looks super sharp. Really like those nice big letters.

Can you post the name/link of those connectors?

(Gabriel Schine) #3

Really sharp work!

(Matt Richard) #4

@marmil @Gabriel_Schine Thanks for the compliments. Here is a link to the connectors:

(Mark Kriegsman) #5

Looks great- and it’s going to look great on the playa, too!

Do you know how many pixels in each letter, or how many pixels overall, for those of us who might want to shoot you some animations?

(Herb Smith) #6

I have used similar looking connectors in salt water, they don’t leak. Can’t see from the picture but they have a “O” ring on the male connector which is obscured. So far they have been submerged say 6 hours total, but at Christmas time they’ll be underwater for weeks.

(Matt Richard) #7

@Mark_Kriegsman thanks! Here is the pixel count for the letters:
Y = 84 U = 106 M = 124
That said, I am using parallel output, and so I used 124 for NUM_LEDS_PER_STRIP at 6 strips totaling 744 pixels in LED array.

The sign is heading out west tomorrow morning, any code I get today I will try and put it into the sketch. I just like the idea of as many people who want to be a part of objects on the playa having an opportunity.

@Herb_Smith they are essentially the same cables and they are solid!

(Mark Kriegsman) #8

Are the pixels all in one CRGB array, or are they in separate CRGB arrays, one for each letter? I have something that might be fun, but it would be very helpful to know a little more detail. Could you perhaps post some/all of your ‘setup’ function?

Ooops…never mind, I’ve got what I need from your previous comment, now that I’ve re-read it! Code forthcoming, I hope…

(Mark Kriegsman) #9

Marquee Overlay: overlays marquis-like effects ON TOP OF whatever other animations you have.

Designed specifically to ‘light up’ the individual letters of the YUM sign, one after another.
The sample code provided runs on 60 LEDs, but is designed to be very easily snapped into the existing YUM code with 6 * 124 LEDs as well. Let me know if you need a hand getting it running live.

Not sure if you’ll like the effect, but I wanted to offer something that was ‘aware’ of the letters and layout.

(Assumed that Y is the first strip, U is the second, M 3rd, Y 4th, U 5th, and M 6th… but that’s configurable in the code.)

(Mark Kriegsman) #10

If you can stand it, let it run for a few minutes; the effects sort of mix-and-match a bit. Then go in and delete the ones you don’t actually like… :smiley:

(Matt Richard) #11

@Mark_Kriegsman Thanks so much! I am adding it now and will take video soon. Cheers!

(Mark Kriegsman) #12

Other (regular) animations previously posted here that might also fit in:




(Marc Miller) #13

If it’s not too late to add another…

There’s a few variables you can tweak if you want it more or less active. I named all the variables “[something]YUM” to hopefully avoid conflicting with any variable names you already have.

I’m totally curious what it might look like on your letters.