Wrench for Laser Cutter Laser Pointer

I’m a big fan of having custom wrenches that attach to fasteners that need to be loosened to reposition something periodically. That way I don’t have to find the tool and then attach the tool to make the adjustment.

In this case, the laser pointer position indicator on my 50W CO2 is held in position by a socket cap screw that take a 3mm allen wrench. It’s on the back side of the laser head and pinches the laser pointer pivot between the forks. (red arrow in the picture) It’s a bit of pain to get to as well.

It takes a fair bit of torque to tighten it down so I defiently needed a piece of solid metal as the wrench.
I cut down a spare 3mm allen wrench and 3d printed a handle that fit tightly over the cap of the screw.

The handle was printed from PLA at 100% infill. Make sure the handle is flush or just short of the bottom of the screw cap. Also make sure to use a washer or the Allen wrench can get pressed out when tightening.

I did add some thin CA glue in the cavity to help prevent it from shaking loose during laser engraving.

Works perfectly. Adjusting the position is so easy now. :tada:


Looks like it took laser focus to come up with a solution!

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… and it was a wrenching activity to get it all tightened. :tada:

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Nice solution but couldn’t the clamp itself have been flipped over so the allen head was facing the front of the laser and readily accessible?

The built-in handle does make it super easy to flip the laser out of the way if that’s done much.

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Brilliant. What a great addition.

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