Wow, this black PETG from ESUN is great to print with.

Wow, this black PETG from ESUN is great to print with. A few rolls showed up on Amazon and I snatched them up. Looks like its back in stock on June 20th.

Edit: I should have mentioned in the first place, this is the head for Froggy by the ever talented @Louise_Driggers


Wow. What is the layer height.

Great!!! Which print settings?

0.1920 layer height, 255C @ 45mm/s, 0.5mm extrusion width, 7.5mm retract at 60mm/s, 0.3mm coast to end, no active cooling, 10% infill, 2 perimeters, minimum layer time disabled, 75C bed, manual support placement in simplify3d, extrusion multiplier tuned with the single perimeter cube method, 1.003 scale factor for PETG shrink via 20x20 cube calibration.

Does it come out clean like that?

@Dat_Chu Yes, that is 20 seconds after the print completed… still stuck to the bed.

@Eric_LeFort yes. PETG is essentially T-glass which is known for the wet look. Also like I said in an earlier post the interlayer adhesion is crazy. I cannot tear a single wall 20x20 cube without incredible effort by hand. This stuff is strong.

@Eclsnowman ​ thanks for the heads up on the preorders. I grabbed myself 6 spools lol. Don’t you just love how it can look like a lower layer height than you’re actually printing at?

This really makes me want to import this stuff to Australia. How much does this stuff retail for?

@Daniel_Fielding $29.99 via amazon prime.

And is shipping included?

On Amazon Prime, Yes that includes shipping inside the US.

Wow. Thats cheap. I couldn’t even make profit at that cost. The power of bulk ordering.

F-me…Black is sold out :frowning:
I am trying to get temperature specs on the filament. Anyone? A quick google search didn’t yield results.

Can you explain the tuning process you used for the single perimeter cube you did with simplify3d.

@Daniel_Fielding Tell your software the filament is exactly 1.75mm and print a single wall cube with no top fill and a known extrusion width (I use 0.50mm). Once printed measure the wall thickness, is it what you set it at? If not take desired/actual-measured and put that in for your extrusion multiplier (example you measure 0.52mm so 0.5/0.52 = 0.961 extrusion multiplier) . Then reprint and check. Is it correct now?

@Daniel_Fielding see this video:

Unfortunately Simplify3D is not producing any thin wall models :frowning:

@Daniel_Fielding Don’t use a model with a thin wall. Take a solid 20x20 cube STL, set perimeters to 1, bottoms to 1 or 2, tops to zero, infill to zero.

Man, I thought that little guy was going to save me 15% or more on car insurance…
It’s still cool now that I know it’s a frog and not a Gecko though.