Wow the problems just keep on rolling in today..

Wow the problems just keep on rolling in today… A - shift of 5mm in one layer on the y axis.

… I have since fixed the slicer issue, those rod clamps are in the scrap bucket.

Ya I think the y stepper was underpowered. I turned it up before I started the print. I guess we will see when I get back home. It’s set to print pretty slow 90mm/s extrusion and jerk are set accordingly.

Ya I’m also getting ready to reduce heat output, printing 40mm fan brackets for the steppers to keep them cool. I’ve lost steps due to excessive heat as well.

…mm still a shift of 1~2mm turned the motor up just a titch more see what that will do. If not the belt is either to tight or too loose… I need to upgrade to GT2 belts and pulleys.

I had this happen when my belt was too tight and it would skip steps on one spot of the belt where Im guessing the metal had a connection to itself. BAsically one inch of the cable was substantially tougher to get to go around the pulley.