Wow! The difference between the crappy dollar store 1/2'' green painters tape and the

Wow! The difference between the crappy dollar store 1/2’’ green painters tape and the 3M 1.5’’ blue painters tape is INSANE. With the old stuff I was removing it after every print but now with the 3M tape, I’ve got 3 prints already and the pla still sticks like hell. worth the extra money : )

Yessir! Same thing happened to me. In fact I was having to glue my blue tape just to get prints to stick. Now I have a hard time getting prints off sometimes

I changed from some cheap-o tape my dad had to some Duck brand and now my prints stick too much! It really is worth the money buying brand name tape.

Ya I know what u mean, had to use a knife and a pivot to get mine off@Griffin_Paquette

For those that use tape 3M Blue all the way. 3M Scotch Edge Lock also works really well. 1.88 and 2.83 wide.

If you clean your bed with Windex before applying the tape if sticks really well and does not peel up. I’ve printed over 300 hours and about 15 print runs on the same tape. Still good. If I let it cool down all the way and then use a chisel (bevel side down) to pry under an edge the prints pop right off the bed. Easy.