Would you pls help me with my graduate project design?

Would you pls help me with my graduate project design? I am working on 3D printer survey and really need to collect more feedback. I would appreciate if you guys could take this survey.

li lu I looked over the survey the first Q. confused the hell out me, then it all went down hill from there on I lost interest in in the whole thing, sorry to be negative

@jinx_OI Thank you Jinx. I have to admit the survey question need to put much more attention to improve the logic, would you please help me with the first question?

We really appreciate your comment, if you could specific the problem, we could fix the problem immediately. Thank you again.

it appears you after a business type feed back. yet most here are the hobbyist, amateur design engineer fuelling the 3d home revolution.

yet you pose a question like : will your company choose a DIY membership and open source to manage the cost.

      wtf its one thing  to support an open source project its quite another issue  to profit and build a business around someone else work...

another Q. how many budget are planning 3d printer.
how long a piece of string.
" how much of the company yearly budget would you be willing to spend on a 3D printing service"

next Q. how often will you use a cad design software for 3d printing

     learning a free cad s/ware goes hand in hand with building and owning a 3d printer, unless you gonna spend your time downloading from that thingi place or something similar .

I would seriously struggle to get any useful data from the way survey is compiled… and that crap at the end of the survey boarders on spam
with respect jinx

Hi,Jinx, Thank you to point out some logic problem and give further suggestion, I will talk with my team to fix it, the first problem might be a fault we made at beginning coz we thought our sponsor could give us a mailing list to reach different company, so we assume our target participants will be some companies. However, we did not get the mailing list, and still we think to collect more information with a survey will be a good choice to support our report.
Really, we would really appreciate your comment, it is significantly helpful to us. Your suggestion will be discussed in our team meeting. We would sincerely consider to make improvement by your advice.
Thank you again.