Would someone mind testing Marlin for me?  I'm using the latest version of Marlin,

Would someone mind testing Marlin for me? I’m using the latest version of Marlin, with Arduino 1.0.5; in my configuration.h all I do is set EXTRUDERS to 3, and suddenly it won’t compile. Setting it to 2 or 1 works perfectly fine. Anyone still running an old version of Arduino (0023 or somewhere around there) mind testing as well? (I’ve attempted to set the motherboard to 80 (RUMBA, which DOES support tri-extrusion) as well, with the same compiling error)

Last night, I got 2 stepper drivers running off of a single socket - but ran into this when I went to extend it to 3. Pictures/Video tomorrow of my stacked drivers and each of the motors running separately…

If I can find out why Marlin is shitting all over itself and fix it to run with 3 extruders, that’s just one more to add to the stack. I don’t have the coding expertise to modify marlin to work with an arbitrary number of extruders :frowning: – I’d like to go up to a 3x3 block of bowden tubed extruders and print in 3-bit color…maybe add some dithering =D

Awesome! Thanks for being the one to try this out, I’m glad it wokes.

I’ll try and reproduce your build break after work, Marlin is not something I know well, but C I can deal with.

I’m going to test the build on different versions of Arduino tomorrow, including Windows; if I can get 3 extruders enabled on my RAMPS 1.4 board (pins.h has to be modified as well, obviously) then I’ll be tri-color printing with a RAMPS 1.4 soon, and I’ll buy some more motors/drive gears and try to get 4, 5, 6 color printing as I can add more. I might be working with the DeltaMaker team soon, so I might be able to convince them to let me test with the whole freaking BOX of QUBD hot ends they have laying there. =D

I really want to just go stupid-mode with stacking the drivers so see how resilient they are. If I have to make a breakout board that would be fine too. If I could get ROYGBIV + Black + White + Support I would be so ecstatic.

“Won’t compile” is a complete lack of useful information.

What error are you getting?
What board # are you using?
Did you define it in both Configuration.h and Makefile?
What pin assignments did you add?

Eg, for board 34, I get
error: ‘E2_STEP_PIN’ was not declared in this scope
etc. because it doesn’t have any pin assignments for the 3rd extruder in pins.h

I’m getting DIO was not declared in this scope in temperature.cpp on an older version of marlin, and newer version the compiler error was regarding some variables with pid kp, kd. Sorry, not at the computer to give you exact line numbers. Like I said, tried with motherboard 80 which DOES have pins defined for 3rd extruder.

temperature.cpp: In function ‘void __vector_22()’:
temperature.cpp:1057: error: ‘DIO’ was not declared in this scope
temperature.cpp:1073: error: ‘DIO’ was not declared in this scope

Only thing changed in default configuration.h is board has been changed to 80 (RUMBA, which has the tri-extruder pins defined), and extruders changed to 3.

Found the error; apparently Marlin does not actually let you set TEMP_SENSOR_0, 1 or 2 to 0 “not used”…otherwise it fails to compile.