Would like to offset level a bit of plastic, and seeking recomendations

In the process of assembling a Marlin based CNC.

I am looking at ways that a CNC operator can perform an on the fly leveling and offset of a plastic. My employers existing machines from Nextwave, have a 5 point leveling that is less of a leveling and more of a on the fly offset per job. The PC side software controller currently stores the data, and I think performs some adjustments to the top down values. This data is collected prior to the start of the cut. But is not stored in the file generated by Ventric. This is important since plastics manufacturers ship very inconsistent material. I have seen it swing as much as 3/16in, and from corner to corner on a 24x24 it is never the same sheet to sheet.

While I don’t think I need this functionality in my own machine. I am setting up a dry run to convince my boss to let me switch out the controllers. Some of you reading have seen this story before. It’s taken time to get here. Always waiting on something or some one. But finally to the point where I can fire up Marlin and do very basic milling. I am so looking forward to really getting this thing going, even to the point where I might be asking CNCjs or Marlin for features.

Before going and creating my own solution. I am looking to see how others do it, both Prosumer and Commercial. I am not sure if this is something that is normally done when the cut file is generated, and say the cutting bit is selected. If this should be a leveling and offset function built into the firmware, or maybe it should be a feature of the PC side controller?

I have a BigTree tech controller BTT SKR MINI E3 V3, with Marlin 2.1.x installed. Have all axis working, and spindle fires up with speed control. (no reverse spindle) CNCjs now fixed for Marlin 2.x builds. -functions needed to implement, laser, leveling, axis stops for startup calibration.

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Keywords: Marlin, CNC, Laser, CNCjs, leveling