Would it be possible to bring back the shapeoko wiki?

Hey Will, are there any plans to bring back the Shapeoko wiki other than using the Wayback machine? There is a lot of wonderful information to be had there.

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@WillAdams to further @HalfNormal’s question, if there is a backup of the wiki but Shapeoko doesn’t want to maintain it, I’d be willing to talk about importing it into the #cnc-routers:shapeoko category here, kind of like what I did to give Smoothieware/board a new home when wikidot wasn’t working well enough for them.

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I have been bringing pages back up at:

as time allows.

But some pages may be a better fit here, but not sure of the politics of putting them here, or the licensing/credit assignment so as to comply.

I’ve got 3 things which are rather urgent/pressing — once I’ve finished testing CC7 beta, lining the linen closet at home in cedar, and writing/publishing/printing my book perhaps we can revisit this.


When I imported G+ content here, I did it with my best attempt to maintain ownership (preserving the google ID so that people logging in with the same google account would own their own content) and only with the permission of at least one community moderator. For smoothie I did it at Arthur’s request.

I think we could make it so that if you have email addresses for posters to shapeoko wiki, we can map them to accounts here / create new ones that they can claim through the password reset flow so that they still own their content, to the point that they can delete it. I don’t know what the shapeoko wiki license allows you to do of course, just saying what I expect to be technically possible.

Anyway, at whatever time you have space to think about it, feel free to reach out to me.