Would anyone pay actual money for this?

Would anyone pay actual money for this?

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3D Printer Test Kit on Kickstarter

Apparently 22 people are already paying for it…

I was wondering this myself. Isn’t this something one could knock up in openscad in a few minutes?

Still, if they find people willing to part with their money…

There are numerous - and better tests on thingiverse already - like the one Make Magazine published when they did their 3D printer review.

I guess I dont understand. You get files to print AND a pdf describing the dimensions of what was supposed to be printed? I agree with @Gary_Hodgson , this could be whipped up in openscad in a few minutes or like @Michael_Audette said use one of the many on thingiverse.

I was more on board with the idea when I thought you’d get a set of printed blocks to compare your printer’s output to.

I first thought they develop a mold which gives them the opportunity to create precise pieces, which you can buy, and then print on your 3d printer counter parts and then put them on top of each other like LEGO (the pieces seemed at first sight developed like that) and then you can determine mechanically how close/precise you are with your printing . . . but then I read the description in KS and I realized they sell just the files? That indeed would make little sense.

I’m actually inclined to think that you could (and should) develop these models programmatically rather than modeled by hand. I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody put competing models up on Thingiverse. I do think there’s room to make some money selling a printed set of blocks to users.

If I were going to buy “precision blocks” to check against my printer and use them as legos like @Rene_K_Mueller suggested, I would have them printed in a ninjection mold process so that tollerances could be more closely assured.

@Chris_Muncy Or perhaps simply use lego pieces? At least for some of the tests.

They do have, IIRC, files for lego pieces on thingiverse.

I was looking for something to create on tinkercad for practice. found it.


This is a neat set of test prints. But as mentioned above, I don’t think this is something that could be sold. If you want to be the standard test print, it needs to be free.

Perhaps when 3D scanners are as ubiquitous as 3D printers, we can take test prints like this and scan them to find exact errors.