Would anyone know where it may be possible to obtain a full 3D file

Would anyone know where it may be possible to obtain a full 3D file schematic of a regular CPU fan? Not a blower type. Need to see a full assembly of the internals of a cpu fan in 3D at accurate proportion relative to one another.

Something like this: http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/computer-fan-yate-loon-3d-max/543122

Just want to see if there’s any other options/sources. Looking for 30x30mm fan… or anything close to those dimensions.

I am just guessing based on an idea I had before… through the fan hub filament and wiring path, vertical heatsink fin alignment, hotend fan blowing down on print directly around vertical heatsink?

If so, Its hard with a tiny fan, have not made it work yet with off the shelf small fans. larger 120mm fans very different PCB and sleeve/bearing arrangements. Small fans there is just not a lot of room to work with. Would be easy to design a new internal for the function, but would cost more and without enough uses beyond a hotend I fear the economics of it would be awful. Fan with a hole in the center would normally let air back out the wrong way. Some exist for specific tasks, all huge for HVAC etc.

If that’s not it, nm just speculating on what you are up to Mr. mysterious requests guy :wink:

I would draw my own. I’ve never seen a CAD model that detailed for a fan. I know they must exist, but maybe not outside of the engineering departments that design them.

Have you checked Thingiverse

I can draw one up for ya if you want. If you have a manufacturer in mind you might want to contact them and see if they have any cad models.

Ultimaker, and Ultimaker 2 CAD files have fans in them:

Grabcad imho

Needs to have the internals. Couldn’t find it on grabcad.