Would anyone happen to know what the proper config for an azteeg X5 mini

Would anyone happen to know what the proper config for an azteeg X5 mini would be to use a relay to control the heated bed? I’m not using a solid state relay. I’m using a typical car relay that’s rated for 40 amps.

You know that using a conventional relay will prevent you using PWM PID control of the bed temperature?

You will be forced to use on/off control and still likely get lots of chatter from your relay about the setpoint.

@Neil_Darlow a conventional relay going off/on is still on a PID loop if the control signal is on a PID loop.

It’s basically a fourier transform of what’s happening with a semiconductor (which I guess needs it’s own name, pwm) and much easier to understand (people need to learn right, from the ground up not the other way around).

@Andrew_Hodel My statement relates to configuration of the firmware.

It would need to be configured for simple on/off temperature control. The relay would not switch at the speeds employed in the firmware for PID control.

Check the source code of e.g. Marlin for the implementation. You choose between PID or on/off control (which uses the setpoint and a configurable window about it).

Yes, a longer wave not on/off temperature control. Or you could say a low resolution digital sample.

You can implement a PID loop at any frequency (or on off as you say).

In Marlin firmware I think you can select “bang bang” mode (or something like that) in the config file which will switch very slowly i.e. bang on, bang off. I don’t know what firmware is in that board; but, there might be something similar.

Even a car relay will have a limited lifetime in that use, and you’ll have to drive it with 12v.
I’ve rebuilt several lab ovens that used relays and burned them up. Still running 15 years after putting in a SSR.
Don’t use an auto relay if you’re switching mains voltage either. Not safe.