Would anyone be interested in iTopie frames?

Would anyone be interested in iTopie frames? I am planning on running a couple for a friend and myself, and would be willing to run a few more!

Thanks Everyone!

@Sebastien_Mischler ​ design skills are awesome! If I didn’t already own a 3d printer I would take you up on that in a heartbeat

I may be interested. I’m looking for another printer.

@K1111@Alex_Krause ​ Is there any special things you want in your cut out design? And what wood would you suggest? MDF? Plywood? Mahogany?

@Aaron_Spaulding ​ I was just commenting on the designer of the machine. I will not need one

@Aaron_Spaulding Hmm… I just assumed you’d be using 16mm MDF. A high grade plywood might be nice. I feel like something like mahogany would be too expensive.

What’s the price, would you ship to Cyprus, Europe?

@Panayiotis_Savva If you found a way to ship them from the United States I would be happy to ship them. I have not determined the price as we have not come to a decision on the material. We could run yours from whatever material you would like. I am located near Boston USA.