worm tightened xy ends

worm tightened xy ends

I’ve been thinking about using an extension spring to tension cables. As in: cable> extension spring> XY end. The trick would be knowing how much tension is required in the spring, I suppose.

yes too little would play hell with backlash during acceleration. and maybe defeat any purpose of being there. too long and the spring will also eat into the build envelope to outer footprint ratio

It sounds like you thought about it too.

@Dale_Dunn I dont sleep much. ADD and all.

Hah, I bought a set of those exact same pegs for the exact same application just a day ago. Seems like you beat me to it, @D_Rob .
@Dale_Dunn adding a spring without a rigid motion limiter will always result in added elasticity in the linear drive. But again, having that hard limit in place kinda defeats the purpose of using a spring in the first place, so a rigid tensioner, like pegs, really is the best way to do it.

I made those about 4 months ago

@Thomas_Sanladerer I have mad a few iterations of these and I can send you a coy of the current revision if you want. also the rest of my work

@D_Rob thnaks, but i’ve settled for a CoreXY-based design for now, which means that i’ll have to figure out a way to tension things on the main carriage.

Best of luck on your build

Thanks! Good luck with yours as well.