Working through some design ideas for the Graber i3 laser cuttable printer.

Working through some design ideas for the Graber i3 laser cuttable printer. On the left is the one where we mount the electronics on the left gusset behind the frame with the power supply on the right gusset. On the right, the power supply (ATX) is mounted underneath along with the electronics. Which do you prefer?

Left, definitely left

what material you used in photo of x axis.

I think people are voting ‘left’ because they can’t see the power supply, due to the angle of the photo. For myself, I’d prefer the power supply under, since it keeps the footprint of the printer as small as possible.

@Karan_Chaphekar This printer will be cut from 6.6mm double-faced black or white melamine with a fiberboard core. All of the parts, including the x-axis are cut from this material.

@Craig_Trader : The 12V/29A power supply is pretty slim and would be mounted on the right gusset of the left model. The 12V/29A power supply pretty much hides behind the brace for the most part. I can add that to the render tonight.

@Shane_Graber I’ve been working on my own i3 variant; I like yours better, though I still prefer to put the 12V/30A power supply underneath rather than off to one side. Partially that’s just to keep most of the wiring out of sight, but also so that it doesn’t obstruct sight and access to the build platform.

I prefer the one on the left. It will fit easier in a home environment. And it does not force you to have an LCD :slight_smile:

+1 for the left :slight_smile:

One detail that might be important is the cooling way of the power supply for the option on the right and how that interacts with the heated bed (some power supplies use a fan that might accidentally cool down the heated bed too).


Left, I don’t like the idea of having a power supply below a heated bed. The LCD is a nice touch and would be easier to see on the left if the printer was on a desktop. On a shelf the right would be easier to see.