Working on this lightsaber. But i need to add some sound.

Working on this lightsaber. But i need to add some sound. Anyone know of a good small amplifier module that can power a 2 Watt speaker? Emphasis on small.

If size is critical and volume/clarity not so much, I got a pretty loud output from a PWM pin, a capacitor and a BS170 FET. You could get SMT versions of the components and cram them into a tiny space!

Volume is as dependent on the cavity the speaker sits in as how much power/voltage you give it (leave the speaker dangling in free air and you’ll hardly hear it - put it inside a box and it’ll be much, much louder)

That’s a great looking on/off effect.

@Chris_Holden ​ thanx man! Im looking at either a 2 Watt 8 ohm speaker of 4 Watt 4 ohm speaker. Theyre both 28mm in diameter. Sound clarity isnt very important as im not gonna blast fancy tunes on it. Its just lightsaber sounds lol

@marmil ​ thanx it took me a few tries to get the wipe effect to work without using a delay. It kept flashing the color on there all at once. Not the look i want on a lightsaber im looking to use as a prop at my first comic con lol

That’s Awesome! Are you thinking about making it react to motion?

Yep. 3 axis accelerometer. Any one know where i can find some good .wav light saber sound files? Lol

yeah, it probably uses code :wink:

@Tommy_Sciano ​ its just a basic colorWipe function but using millis instead of delay

The code is still a work in progress

how are you looking to power it? 18650’s?

Yeah lol. Just 1 will do the job

I was using WS2812B’s but RGBs are not bright enough. Im thinking of putting 2 RGBW strips together to get the killer brightness im looking for