Working on getting the heated bed element for my z plate of the Herculien.

Working on getting the heated bed element for my z plate of the Herculien. Does anyone have an email with the exact values to email the chinese supplier? The pig tail alteration would be useful as well.

Thermistor in center leads coming from back side off center 30mm
I also sent them a pic from Eric’s build pictures. They are on holiday right now until the 26th

Will they also make the thermistor wire into a hook like @Eclsnowman ​ suggested.

Send them this pic:

Also I might suggest going with 700w. I have 800w but had to turn down max bed output in marlin via pwm because the bed would overshoot trying to pid tune.

@Eclsnowman @Dat_Chu I recently performed several upgrades to my Herculien and one of them was to replace the 700W with a 1000W heated bed. The smoothieboard has no problems in my setup controlling the 1000W heater.

Very good to know @Marc_McDonald ​. I am planning on using a smoothieboard as well. I will tell the supplier to give me a 1000w version then.

@Dat_Chu The 700W took 30+ minutes to heat the bed to 90deg C and following @Thomas_Sanladerer guide it was low power for the bed size in the Herculien. @Eclsnowman recommendation works and may be the best option, I will wait and see as I can always switch back if required.

Let us know what you find out with the 1000w version. 30 minutes is a long time.

@Marc_McDonald I have heated my bed to 110C with 400W in way less time. Something seems wrong with the bed if 700W takes that long. If you used my marlin from github you likely have max pwm output turned down in combo with a 700w heater.

@Eclsnowman The replacement heat bed reaches 110C in less than 10min at this time and is very stable over several hours of operation. I have a smoothieboard installed and have limited the SSR control frequency as per the smoothie instructions so that the SSR correctly switches, the PWM range is not limited.

@Marc_McDonald odd. Sorry you had this issue, I can’t understand why I have to turn down my bed at 800W to not overshoot, but with the same setup you need 1000W.

@Eclsnowman no issues, I was planning on making some updates during the upgrade process and the heat bed was one of the items.

I am always open to improvements, any you make and want to share would be great. I was actually thinking of revamping the cover a bit. As you can tell from my github pics I made mine from 1x1 angle aluminum and panels glued in. I think making a door on the front with hinges would make more sense for 95% of the time you need to access inside you don’t need the full hood opened. What do you think?