Working on getting Octoprint set up on my Taz 5,

Working on getting Octoprint set up on my Taz 5, it’s been a slightly confusing process since I don’t usually mess around with servers, but slowly but surely it’s working out with progress towards being fully functional every day. Anyone else have octoprint experience? I’d like to hear if there are any specific issues I should look out for.

Hi there. I’m using it and loving everything Octoprint has to offer. Just use it and learn as you go. The installation is well documented. You can’t break anything. @Thomas_Sanladerer ​ has a good video or two on Octoprint, too. Enjoy!

So far everything is going well, the only thing that I am having a little bit of trouble with is opening up a port on my home router so I can log in to octoprint from any computer I am at, which in reality would only be 3 unique devices I would ever use for this purpose. I should be able to figure out how to do it while maintaining my home WiFi security.

Yes. Just Nat or port forwarding. All routers have different menus and you’ll need to know your external IP. I have a static IP so it’s very convenient. I use the remote connection to monitor the temps and shut down the Raspberry when the job finishes. I’m a teacher so I’m lucky the I have a custodian who helps me with powering the printer off later in the evenings.

It should be easy enough, I’m using a net gear router, and I believe that I have a static IP, I just have to, and please correct me if I’m wrong, enable remote access, and apply it to the IP addresses of the devices I will use to access octoprint, so my phone, tablet and work computer. This way I can set up long prints early in the day and monitor the print progress on the other devices, without having to wait until I get home from work to start a job manually.