Working on dual material support printing,

(Sanjay Mortimer) #1

Working on dual material support printing, some idle chatter on our test methodology and approaches.

More on this to come, have had some cool results!

(Eric Lien) #2

Would you mind sharing the tool change gcode you use in simplify3d to create the prime towers?

(Ray Kholodovsky) #3

@Eclsnowman 's comment - seconded! Please do share.

And breaking in the new intern, nice. Good luck to him.

(Sanjay Mortimer) #4

@Eclsnowman @raykholo
Absolutely will do, will have Max put it up on a pastebin later today when he gets in.

Do be aware that it is entirely layer height specific to 0.20mm, and places the towers in absolute positions that are probably not appropriate for all models or even all printers. Especially being that we treat X0 Y0 as the centre of the bed, not the front left.

However it should give a good idea of how to use conditionals and placeholder variables in S3D scripts to wrangle it into doing what you want it to do.

(Joe Spanier) #5

Sounds like your doing it how I was working on it. Are you making single layers in a specific spot every layer change? That’s a little simplified but the gist of what I was doing

(Jeff DeMaagd) #6

Is that workflow intended for the cyclops? Because it seems like it’s laying down a huge amount of material in the prime towers for building such a small part. I mostly do long retracts between tool changes and make a tall skirt, as tall as the second material is used. I do the tool change operation outside the skirt, and the skirt wipes any ooze that I get before it goes back to the part.

I do think hard coding that amount of G code in the tool changes is pretty clever though.

(Mike Kelly) #7

I haven’t used Limonene on a HIPS/ABS print in I can’t remember how long. It breaks away very cleanly and easily.

Though I’ve found with simplify 3d the HIPS doesn’t bond well to abs and tends to have issues with the support material breaking off during prints.