Wordle 321

Not sure how many people in here play Wordle, besides @mcdanlj and @Eclsnowman, but today’s word was a bit ripe for being made meta.

So I made a laser cut Wordle pin, with my score, from 1/8" birch ply and colored with sharpie markers. Clear gloss spray finish and a pin back.

If you don’t know the word you can look it up or I will tell you tomorrow. :wink:


Also Vicky Somma (Blender author and ERRF board member) got pulled into my Wordle twitter post and apparently she has created a web page that allows you to copy in your score and it will generate a stl in different formats (earrings, pendent, tile) for 3D printing.


Yesterday’s word was “ BADGE”. So yeah, I made a BADGE badge. :grin:


Fun! :smile:
If you like to play Wordle, I have written a code on ESP32 that enables to practice. It’s available here:

And also a Python script that finds the solution (can play Wordle, Quordle, Absurdle and Squabble):

Available on Github:

Have fun!

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