Word of warning for Repetier firmware users.

(Rien Stouten) #1

Word of warning for Repetier firmware users.
I’ve only just stopped screaming at my computer. I had been doing that for a couple of days now.
Turns out, the problem was that I had updated my arduino sketch builder to version 1.6.5
And the repetier firmware does. not. like. that.
1.0.6 works fine with repetier.

(Keith Applegarth) #2

I mentioned that in another post! I too was going round in circles trying to figure out why I was having compiling errors. Eventually, I read a post somewhere about using versions 1.0.4 to 1.0.6 only.

And it fixed it! Live and learn.

(Rien Stouten) #3

@Keith_Applegarth I wish I had read that post of yours.

(Herman Steyn) #4

Thank you!

(Keith Applegarth) #5

@Rien_Stouten yep… I was trying to update my firmware to Marlin 1.0.2 and kept getting weird errors if I just changed one thing… then I remembered reading something about using only certain versions of the Arduino IDE. Then I went searching and found it.