Woodpecker GRBL CNC Machine suddenly stopped working

I tried to search in forum but couldn’t find anything… I have Chinese 1610 cnc router and it have Woodpecker 0.9 Grble card. It has been working nicely and good with Chilipeppr so far. Last night, looks like Windows made some updates I have no idea what or why, but after that I have unable to use my machine. When I connecting machine to GRBL workspace in command window just scrolling text ‘’ Grbl 0.9j [’$’ for help] ‘’ That text just constantly running in command window. I can’t Move any axes or doing anything since yesterday. Is there anybody who have some kind of advise where to start solving this problem?

I doubt this is ChiliPeppr. To test that, can you just connect from a serial terminal and see if you see the same effect? Maybe use Putty? Maybe post screenshot too to make sure we all understand your issue?

Hi, You might be right… I tried also another computer. But same situation… I have no any idea what happened… When I connect the machine to chilipepper, look like my board constantly sending that ‘‘0.9j [’$’ for help]’’ text to console… I can try to check $$ settings but its just scrolling down… I will try putty next…

The “Grbl 0.9…” string is sent out after every reset of grbl, so I guess your board is resetting constantly.
I would try to disconnect everythng but the USB from the Grbl board and check again. If that doesn’t help, you might need to replace the grbl board.