Wood thread cutting jig

I have been working on and off on a thread cutting jig for my lathe to use for boxes with lids.

Recently I got back to it and solved a problem I had with the chuck not turning concentric when on the jig.


The jig consists of a HF multi-axis vice, a set of 3/4-16 nuts and shafts all mounted on the lathe as the picture shows.
I use a 60 degree cutter mounted in the head-stock with a collet and draw-bar to cut the threads. The object is mounted in the chuck which is mounted and turned around the cutter with the 3/4-16 shaft.

Here is the results of the second attempt at cutting threads in a box and its lid.


If the wood happens to swell due to humidity, will that fine of a thread not lock up tight? But nice job, I like.

First off you should use very dry wood if you are going to cut threads.
Second you cut the threads a bit loose so that it won’t bind … much!
Setting the thread depth and profile is part of the skill …

You can go to coarser threads but they wont work well in small boxes.

I can change the thread pitch just by changing the shaft.

OK, makes sense. Beyond my skill level at the moment, and it would help to own a lathe I am sure, although it must be possible to do it with hand tools somehow, some way.

Yes you can do it with hand thread cutting tools.
I have a set, tried, not enough patience and you need special woods.
You can find instructions of YouTube.
This is cheating but it gets it done and with most any wood.

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