Wonky lines in vector cut

Hi all,
I’ve create simple designs (circle with words) in Inkscape and everything is fine. Once I open the design in K40 whisperer, the vector cut line is all wonky, unlike the smooth line in inkscape.

Any suggestions how to ensure it stays smooth in the image when opened in k40 whisperer?


Hi and welcome to the forum. Could you post a picture of the “Wonky” lines?

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Also If you could share the svg file from inkscape.

earring mix 2

That’s how it looks in inkscape. but in K40…

Merry Chrismukkah

K40 Whisperer’s preview renders SVGs without antialiasing (vector cut/engrave lines are also always displayed with a width of 1 on-screen pixel). This doesn’t affect the actual geometry of the paths. They will look just fine when you cut/engrave them.

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Thank-you. I don’t quite understand what that means, however when it cuts the lines are wonky

Could you also provide a picture of the cut object with the wonky lines?

Just to get a complete background, is this something that just started happening after working fine before or is this a new laser for you?

Basically, seeing those jagged lines in K40 Whisperer is perfectly normal. That’s just how it renders the path data for the preview.

Check if mirror #2, mirror #3, or the lens are loose and rattling around.


It is something that has always happened. I hadn’t really noticed it was on the image when I first started out, and thought as a newbie it must be something I’ve missed, something I’m supposed to do in the inkscape process or the K40 whisperer process. But as I mentioned it’s smooth lines in inkscape, but not inwhisperer.

I greatly appreciate your help

What kind of material is this? It kinda looks like it was smoothly cut, but the edges melted and solidified unevenly.

Try wood, acrylic, or cardboard.

The middle “OH” looks funny on the left one. Perhaps there is a mechanical issue?

I know. It did some weird shift to the side on all of the cuts I did in that section.

It’s 3mm acrylic.
I feel I has something to do with the program. I’ll have to see ifnit needs an upgrade or reinstall it.

If would, vector etch a 25mm circle and a 25mm square on a piece of wood. Do one set at 10mm/s and another at 40mm/s. Post pictures. Vector etch and cutting are essentially the same operation and this will allow us to see if there are clues to possible mechanical issues vs software.

Hi nedman
My partner pulled it all apart and found there was something behind the glass on the mirror which was impacting the cut and making it wonky.
Took it out and it cut super smooth.

Now its just spluttering a bit and dieing through the cut then starting up again after a second


So your problem is solved or do you have a different problem now?

I’m a little late to this thread, but I’ll throw my 2 cents in… I’ve had trouble with Inkscape producing unusual, imprecise vector cuts…I had to use it because I needed to make a specific, larger cut on an Epilog laser in our local library. I saved my design as a SVG file, loaded into the Epilog, and unfortunately wound up with a very imprecise cut that looked like a cheap scroll saw cut. I hashed through the problem, and I found that when I zoomed into my design at high magnification, the vector lines wandered back and forth. I never did figure out what caused it…Bottom line: it was something intrinsic to Inkscape or the file format, but not the laser…

I use Coreldraw at home and have never had a problem


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