Wondering why my post keeps getting deleted,

Wondering why my post keeps getting deleted, I am trying to show my diy cnc build, I thought that is what this community was for? I posted it three times over the last three days and it stays up for approximately one minute then gets deleted. I am not posting something that is not allowed, at least I do not think I am… ??

This post has been up for 45 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope you try again. I would like to see your machine.

I will post it again.

@Kyle_Kerr ​ I just posted it again

Lol gone again

Maybe it is caught in spam for moderation.

I saw it before it was gone. A single picture containing multiple smaller shots.


Try doing the post again, this time without the pictures. If that stays up, edit the post and add one of the pictures.

This is nuts. I saw it. I +1’d it. I read this post. I went back to see the CNC post and it was gone again. As a human i can say there is nothing spammy about the post.