Wondering if there's any 3D printer suppliers/makers out there who would be interested in

Wondering if there’s any 3D printer suppliers/makers out there who would be interested in supporting a small indie film studio looking to use 3D printing to make props and costume pieces for upcoming projects.

Obviously we’d be eternally grateful and do whatever we can think of to show our gratitude, whether its including details in the credits or promoting said company on our in development website.

Go on, you know you want to :wink:

Your friendly fryer,

There are print services, but I doubt that people will give you prints out of the goodness of their hearts. Printing an object is like printing a book it takes alot of time and energy. The material cost isn’t negligible either.

Ultimately we were hoping a generous company might donate one to us. A long shot but no harm in asking.

Our plan is to purchase hardware next year when prices are lower, techs more refined and most importantly, when we can maybe get some money together.

The university idea is a good one though so we’ll look into that. Thanks for advice :blush:

This is also the stuff local hackerspaces are made of. Are there any in your neighbourhood?

Dunno, anyone know of any in Edinburgh? We’re new to this community so still finding our way around.

Assuming this is the right Edinburgh, how about http://edinburghhacklab.com/ ? They also have a list of other spaces they know about in the UK.

Great advice. Ill try pop along on Sunday. Maybe make some contacts for future projects.

Thanks for all your help guys :slight_smile: