Wobbly lines

(Nigel Conroy) #1

Hoping someone might have some insight. Noticed recently I’m getting a bit of wobble in my lines.

Since I’ve recently upgraded head and made a mounting plate from acrylic I’m assuming that is the cause.

Seems to only happen at higher speeds. Image above is at 225mm and I first noticed it on the dot test.

But don’t want to assume… I’m thinking of trying to make the mounting plate from steel so I crank down on the threads a bit more.

But could it be something else? Bearing, belt, etc…

Any help or insight appreciated.

(Paul) #2

You might need to tune the acceleration profile a bit since the head has changed in weight. If you are using the M2 Nano board then I don’t think there is a way to do so. In GRBL and Smoothie you can configure this in software settings.
If the head is a bit lighter you might can add a little weight to it? You can remount the original parts and see if it restore the staight lines so you can confirm it’s cause.
For Grbl settings see https://awesome.tech/what-are-settings/

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