Without damaging our reputation as 'spammers',

Without damaging our reputation as ‘spammers’, we think the 3D Printing community could be very interested in our innovative Fuel3D, 3D scanner - it’s an easy-to-use, point-and-shoot device that allows for quick 3D image capture of objects or faces. These scans combine photo-metric and geometric data for high-resolution images at one-tenth of the price of its closest competitor ($1,000).

The Fuel3D operates in .STL, .OBJ & .PLY file formats ready for on-screen rendering and 3D printing. Check out our Kickstarter campaign here: http://kck.st/13ygzkR

Please interact with us in anyway that you can; whether that be through ideas you might have for using the Fuel3D, criticisms or support.

Charlie - Fuel3D; ‘Fire up your creativity!’

Now, i had seen a post about your project a couple days ago, but couldn’t figure out how it worked. Do you capture from only a single perspective (essentially creating a relief) or does the Fuel3D combine many perspectives into a single scan to create a full 3D model?

You’re right - the Fuel3D takes a scan from one direction of an object.
If you’ve not already seen on our Kickstarter campaign, we’ve teamed up with a software company called Uformia on a few of our pledges. These guys are currently developing software tools that will enable users to, quote, ‘seamlessly’ stitch multiple scans together. This will allow a 360 degree view of an object to be created.

You can see this briefly working here in a YouTube video created by Uformia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVbKR6ewM7Q

They’ll be putting together another video to demonstrate the software’s ‘stitching’ ability of multiple scans (more than 2) very soon.

Hopefully this helps answer your question?

We’re also constructing further video demonstrations to represent the Fuel3D’s scan process; these will also be uploaded to our YouTube channel.

@Fuel3D You have every right to post here. Good luck!!!

Thanks for the support @Guy_Sheffer

Trust me, I can’t get enough info on 3d printing and scanning!

I want one! A leader in this space is yet to be determined.