With the new v1.75 release of Serial Port JSON Server,

With the new v1.75 release of Serial Port JSON Server, here’s a video of how perfect jobs run from the browser (ChiliPeppr) to server (SPJS) to your CNC controller (TinyG).

Very good work John I have a question for you something for your to-do list how about being able to set actual bed size of our machines for instance mine is 36" x 36" actual cutting area just an idea I thought I would throw out there thanks for all the good work an effort on your part

Yeah, that’s definitely on the list, but also includes letting you pick from a list of machines to see a ghosted 3D rendering of the machine itself and the work area. The 3D model of the machine has to be smart enough to know where the pivot points are for the XYZ, so it’s a bit of work.

In the meantime, the 3D viewer does calculate extents, but is a bit lazy about auto sizing the grid. Feel free to fork the 3D widget to play with that being automated. Maybe that solves your needs in the short term. I could cut/paste your changes into the main branch if you are able to pull it off.

I know Jarret Luft forked the 3D viewer the other day to add G92 rendering support. It was a great addition coming to a publish soon.