With the assistance of Michael K Johnson we will have a complete archive of

(Anthony Bolgar) #1

With the assistance of @mcdanlj we will have a complete archive of the 3D printing group imported into The Maker forums (https://forum.makerforums.info) This means that years of knowledge will not be lost, and they will be imported into the forums as discreet searchable posts, not a gigantic static archive as many others are trying to do. So you are all welcome to come and join, no need for a new account or password, just log in using your google+ account. Could not be much simpler than this. Hope to see you all there :slight_smile:

(Michael K Johnson) #2

https://forum.makerforums.info — typo above :slight_smile:

(Anthony Bolgar) #3

Now fixed :slight_smile: Serves me right for typing when I am tired.

(Joseph Alexander) #4

unfortunately im still waiting for the activation email, which i had it resend…like 5 times now. Must not like my yahoo email I guess.

(Michael K Johnson) #5

@Domm434 or yahoo doesn’t trust it yet. Spammers have really killed email delivery by destroying trust.

Shouldn’t need an activation email to use your google login. And if you use your google login, you’ll own all your imported posts and comment you made on G+ after we do the import! :slight_smile:

missing/deleted image from Google+

(Joseph Alexander) #6

the irony being that i don’t subscribe to gmail so my google account name IS my yahoo email… lol

(Michael K Johnson) #7

Actually, I looked and the mails are being sent through mailgun so I don’t think it’s spam protection. I see only one email that the system knows that it sent to you in the past 12 hours, which is a “forgot password” for you. I just sent you a new activation email. The last one went out three days ago. Please check and let me know.

For Google account login: Did you click on “with Google” and then click on the account it presents you? Don’t enter user name or password in the boxes on the left. As far as I know, anyone with a Google+ account can do that, even without Gmail. I’d like to know if I’m wrong though!

(Joseph Alexander) #8

yep no email in inbox or spam. and yes i did click on the log in with google but i get the “we have already sent you an activation email” loop.

(Michael K Johnson) #9

Doing a few web searches, it looks like this is a common problem with Yahoo. :frowning:

(Michael K Johnson) #10

For now, to unblock you in particular, I activated your account manually.

I think that if you had been able to use the “with Google” option before trying to register it would have Just Worked™

(Joseph Alexander) #11

right on, thanks!

(Joseph Alexander) #12

just checked and it is indeed working now :slight_smile:

(Michael K Johnson) #13

I looked at all the other users who had signup emails sent to yahoo, and they all successfully activated, so maybe it is that for some reason mailgun didn’t send your mail on to yahoo?

Thanks for doing the Google authentication flow — that should give your user on makerforums ownership of your posts and comments in the import, when we do it. :slight_smile:

(Michael K Johnson) #14

This importer is working, and I expect to bring this community content to makerforums some time in approximately the next two weeks.

You will own your content just by logging in with google authentication. It will still be categorized as it is here, in the 3D Printing area.

I’m doing everything I can to port the content in a way that will make it possible for this community to survive!

(Michael K Johnson) #15

…And we’re here! I’m super happy that it’s not obvious when you look at it which posts are imported from G+ (like the one above) and which were written here (like this one). :tada:

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(ThantiK) #16

Thank you @mcdanlj you are an absolute scholar and gentleman! :smiley: