With new Eagle licensing model maybe it's time for a KICAD plugin?

With new Eagle licensing model maybe it’s time for a KICAD plugin?

Eagle still has a free version from what I read. Isn’t kicad still expensive?

…expensive as in time to learn? I made the move to KICAD about 5 years ago as I wanted open source hardware created on fully open software and have been using it every since. It’s come along way since the early days and is very capable, more so since Cern have come on board. It has some nuisance mainly around the library management but you adapt. now it reads in Eagle libraries directly. No schematic, board or layer limitations like Eagle :smiley:

I haven’t gotten around to KiCad yet but I understand that a lot of other people are indeed using it. I reached the limit with eagle not having an interactive router months ago, which despite advertising “new and improved routing features” they still haven’t added. So I started learning Altium. But I understand that’s not the norm for most, so there will be a KiCad push.
John, yes there still is a free version but you have to log in with your Autodesk account.

I used to use Altium before Eagle, however I couldnt justify their $$$ maintenance updates where bug fixes weren’t being released quick enough and not until their next maintenance update that you had to pay for so I ditched many many moons ago.

Does anybody use Autodesk Circuits? https://circuits.io/

@Stephen_Eaton sorry, i was thinking Altium, not Kicad in my response.