With a string LED's almost continuously plugged into my computer,

(Andrew Tuline) #1

With a string LED’s almost continuously plugged into my computer, I’m using the following a lot to get some peace of mind:

fill_solid(leds, NUM_LEDS, CRGB::Black);

(Marc Miller) #2

So you’re able to sleep at night?

That’s indeed a handy function to know.

(Gyro Gearloose) #3

have you noticed that every LED draws 1 mA, even when it is switched off? 1m is 150mA, 2m 300mA, …
I’m working on a tiny pushbutton with logic that will switch up to 80A high side. Can also be controlled with an I/O pin from your µC, just like a relay.
Would that be of interrest for the community?

(Marc Miller) #4

Yes please @Gyro_Gearloose . I’d be interesting in learning about it. (Maybe a new post under “Quasi-related random” would be good.)

(Gyro Gearloose) #5

will do but it’s a hassle to write a nice wiki. If you can’t wait I’ll send you a .docx to you email ?

(Marc Miller) #6

No rush, take your time. It will be appreciated.

(Juergen Bruegl) #7

Hi @marmil : the wiki is now online