Wiring for the digital voltmeter on K40 current regulation pot.

Wiring for the digital voltmeter on K40 current regulation pot.

Be careful which Voltmeter you get :wink:
@donkjr Voltmeter use 3 wire :
Red is Vin, Bleck is GND and White is Sensor.
Some voltmeter use 2 wire, VIN and Sensor being together.
The two wire versions are not good for one reason : there is a min voltage for it to work.

Let’s say the min voltage is 2.5V, then the Voltmeter will stay off until you set the pot to 2.5V which is 50% of the Laser power.

Using a 3 pin Voltmeter allow you to read the value even if it is 0.01V

Yup sorry I should have mentioned to use the right Voltmeter.

Is it possible to use this mini Amp meter in line with the current reg pot to get a digital reading of what mA the "knob is delivering at the current setting? If so, what would the wiring look like?


@donkjr I 've got this one. https://es.aliexpress.com/item/M65-Free-Shipping-DC-100V-10A-Voltmeter-Ammeter-Blue-Red-LED-Amp-Dual-Digital-Volt-Meter/32668484474.html

Could I use your setup to read the pot and the Current?