Wiring 40W PSU to Smoothieboard V1

Please forgive the rookie level of understanding.
Thought it best to ask for guidance before making connections and powering up.
For me … pictures work better then verbal descriptions.
This is my version of a schematic.
Does it appear correct ?
Still confused regarding the water protection circuit.
Should it be connected to ground if not being used ?
Can a potentiometer be used in conjunction to PWM ?
Thanks in advance

This in the PSU connection

The pinout function list

Set up with C3D firmware and config
Here’s the config sample

Laser module configuration

laser_module_enable true
laser_module_pin 2.5
laser_module_maximum_power 1.0
laser_module_minimum_power 0.0
#laser_module_default_power 0.8
laser_module_pwm_period 200

switch.laserfire.enable true
switch.laserfire.output_pin 2.5
switch.laserfire.output_type digital
switch.laserfire.input_on_command M3
switch.laserfire.input_off_command M5

If you are not going to use WP to actually check for water, you should wire WP to GND. If you don’t, nothing will trigger. This looks ok at a glance otherwise, your next step should probably be to try it out.

Yes. The potentiometer sets the power for the times that the PWM signal turns the laser on.

Arthur, Michael
Thank you
Feeling confident enough to proceed