Wired Bluetooth to Car Audio

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I am a beginner maker and have an idea for what I think should be a simple project. I’d like to set up a Bluetooth receiver in my car that plays audio from my phone to the car speakers via an audio jack. There are a variety of products out there that can fill this need, but I’d like to build it myself for the experience. I want the electronics to be powered from my car’s USB jack by a USB to microUSB cable. That way the Bluetooth receiver automatically powers on and links to my phone when I turn on my car. I’d like some help understanding all the components I’ll need.

I already have a USB to microUSB cable and an male-male 3.5mm audio cable.

What do I need to accept the microUSB and then send power to the Bluetooth receiver?
What Bluetooth receiver would you recommend?
What do I need to connect the receiver to the audio cable jack?
What other components will I need?

My plan is to 3D print a small housing for the electronics.

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You should be able to use a raspberry pi zero 2 w with a Pimoroni Pirate board to do this.

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I’ve used these with great success.


Those look so nice, I just ordered some for absolutely no good reason. :slight_smile: