winter comes.... time to dust off my 3d printer.

winter comes… time to dust off my 3d printer.
I already made a design in OpenSCAD.
will be about 40 cm heigh. The next step is the actual printing. That will have to be in parts , because i can’t fit a 40cm object in my printer.
After that i will have to glue on some led’s of course. I hope the ledstrip will fit , because i have no clue about calculating the right coiling. I’m just hoping that’s not critical…

@Dirk_Vinkx . Very nice. Do you mind sharing the openscad ? Is it on thingiverse ? What kind of ledstrip do you intend to use. Any ‘diffusion’ of the leds plannend ?

sure, here is the file for the tree :
I have 3 meter ws2812 ledstring , 144 leds per meter. I think that will be diffuse enough … lol.
Just a head’s up. It’s probably unprintable in its entire form.
Currently i’m printing it in it in loops.
So i print each loop separately and slide it over an aluminium rod. (the central stem is hollow).
so far so good.

I was wondering how you were going to print that. :slight_smile: Should be fun when lit up.