windows install is not working ok.

windows install is not working ok.

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ok its working now.
the problem is with windows you cant compile the software i don’t no way.
i have installed Linux and now it works ok.
i have the motors working.
the usb is not working so this is the next thing to get working.

Hello Michel,
Would you please give some more details about what it’s not compiling ok under windows ?
Are you referring to Smothie Firmware ?


i download the file.
i zip the file and here i have this problem but the software works [ok]

! C:\Users\test\Desktop\ Kan Smoothie-edge\config-smoothieboard-copy_me_to_sd_card_and_rename_as_“config” niet aanmaken
De syntaxis van de bestandsnaam, mapnaam of volumenaam is onjuist.
! C:\Users\test\Desktop\ Poging tot herstel van ongeldige bestandsnaam
! C:\Users\test\Desktop\ Bezig met wijzigen van naam Smoothie-edge\config-smoothieboard-copy_me_to_sd_card_and_rename_as_“config” naar Smoothie-edge\config-smoothieboard-copy_me_to_sd_card_and_rename_as__config_

now i run windows install and get the black screen it runs but ad the end there are some problems.

make[2]: Leaving directory ‘C:/Users/test/Desktop/Smoothie-edge/gcc4mbed/samples/FileTest’
make[1]: Leaving directory ‘C:/Users/test/Desktop/Smoothie-edge/gcc4mbed/samples’
ma 11-02-2013 14:11:59,34 Executing C:\Users\test\Desktop\Smoothie-edge\gcc4mbed\external\win32\make.exe
C:/Users/test/Desktop/Smoothie-edge/gcc4mbed/external/win32/make -C samples
make[1]: Entering directory ‘C:/Users/test/Desktop/Smoothie-edge/gcc4mbed/samples’
C:/Users/test/Desktop/Smoothie-edge/gcc4mbed/external/win32/make -C HelloWorld
make[2]: Entering directory ‘C:/Users/test/Desktop/Smoothie-edge/gcc4mbed/samples/HelloWorld’
" CC " main.cpp
" CC " …/…/src/gcc4mbed.c
" LD " HelloWorld.elf
text data bss dec hex filename
20524 1368 124 22016 5600 HelloWorld.elf
" OBJCOPY " HelloWorld.hex
" OBJCOPY " HelloWorld.bin
" DISASM " LPC176x/HelloWorld.disasm
ECHO is off (uit).
$’ \033[1;4m SIZE LPC1769 \033[0m’
make[2]: Leaving directory ‘C:/Users/test/Desktop/Smoothie-edge/gcc4mbed/samples/HelloWorld’
make[1]: Leaving directory ‘C:/Users/test/Desktop/Smoothie-edge/gcc4mbed/samples’
Het systeem kan het opgegeven pad niet vinden.
make[2]: * [size] Error 255
make[1]: *
[HelloWorld] Error 2
make: *** [samples] Error 2
ma 11-02-2013 14:12:00,73 Failure forced early exit
Druk op een toets om door te gaan…

now i run the buildshell.


C:\Users\test\Desktop\Smoothie-edge>make clean.
it runs but ad the end i get this.

text data bss dec hex filename
188028 1740 4756 194524 2f7dc main.elf
" OBJCOPY " main.hex
" OBJCOPY " main.bin
" DISASM " LPC176x/main.disasm
ECHO is off (uit).
$’ \033[1;4m SIZE LPC1769 \033[0m’
Het systeem kan het opgegeven pad niet vinden.
make: *** [size] Error 255


now i have a main.bin this i copy to the sd card.
now i reset the smoothie but he name is still the same on the sd card and the soft ware is not working.

i did the same thing with Linux and it works ok.

Use Linux for the moment :slight_smile:

usb is working ok now had the wrong driver.
you need to install the driver from the smoothie edge download.
smoothie serial.inf

i like to now if the reset is working in pronteface and the sd card??
if i ask with LS /SD/ comand i get ok but no info this only works with the serial poort.