Windows 7 pro build install problem

(bteeter_SW) #1

NOTE: htt ps:[//] is because of low-karma user and is correct in the file. also the <dot>.

Here is a information of the failure:
Tue 10/01/2013 20:59:34.53 Starting .\win_install.cmd
Tue 10/01/2013 20:59:34.55 Executing build\win32\[curl] -kL0 htt ps:[]launchpad<dot>net/gcc-arm-embedded/4.7/4.7-2012-q4-major/+download/gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_7-2012q4-20121208-linux.tar.bz2
Tue 10/01/2013 21:00:26.18 Executing build\win32\md5sum —check C:\Software\GitHub\Smoothie\build\win32\gcc-arm-none-eabi.md5
gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_7-2012q4-20121208-linux.tar.bz2: OK
Tue 10/01/2013 21:00:26.55 Executing build\win32\curl -kL0 htt ps:[
Tue 10/01/2013 21:00:35.97 Executing build\win32\md5sum —check C:\Software\GitHub\Smoothie\build\win32\GCC-ARM-Embedded.md5
GCC-ARM-Embedded-20121208.tar.gz: OK
Tue 10/01/2013 21:00:36.18 Executing rd /s /q C:\Software\GitHub\Smoothie\gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_7-2012q4
Tue 10/01/2013 21:00:36.19 Executing rd /s /q C:\Software\GitHub\Smoothie\gcc-arm-none-eabi
Tue 10/01/2013 21:00:46.04 Executing build\win32\bsdtar xf C:\Software\GitHub\Smoothie\gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_7-2012q4-20121208-linux.tar.bz2
Tue 10/01/2013 21:03:36.51 Executing move C:\Software\GitHub\Smoothie\gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_7-2012q4 C:\Software\GitHub\Smoothie\gcc-arm-none-eabi
0 dir(s) moved.
Access is denied.
Tue 10/01/2013 21:03:36.53 Failure forced early exit

I have tried several time to install this software. But even by premaking the directories or not it will not install.

Bob Teeter

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(bteeter_SW) #2

I found the solution to the problem by accident.

you cannot run the command from the command window even as Administrator.

But if you double click with the mouse from the file manager it runs just fine.

Boy is that a surprise.


(bteeter_SW) #3

To run the “BuildShell” command just double click on it and a build window appears. You then type the “make clean all” and it will clean the build tree and the build the source tree to completion. The file needed to be will be in the LPC1768 directory and will be called main.bin.

Could this information be included in the compile instructions as a windows version that is noted in addition to the linux/mac versions as it took a while to figure this out.