Will this PWM controller work with tinyG and a 48V PS and 500W quite

Will this PWM controller work with tinyG and a 48V PS and 500W quite spindle?

If not can you suggest an alternative on the amazon canada website preferably one with PRIME (http://www.amazon.ca) since I’m in Canada!

If the one I chose above will work is there any tips on proper wire up.

Thank You

This is up to 40V, so I would not try it. Here is what I found:

Free Shipping Motor Speed Driver Controller MACH3 Spindle Governor
(from AliExpress Android)

is this a close loop design?

@henry_lin I don’t know if that is how tinyG works with a PWM controller but it would be awesome if it could.

I doubt it. Look into super pid. Very expensive as a close loop but worth the money

Rob. TinyG has a low PWM output. i.e. it outputs a pulsed square wave proportional to the speed value you desire. The drive you need must therefore be able to accept that ppm signal and output a voltage (or frequency) sufficient to control the speed of your spindle.

If your spindle is a DC Spindle you need to vary the DC voltage to regulate the speed. If your spindle is a 3 phase AC spindle then you’ll need to vary the AC frequency in the spindle which is where a VFD or Variable frequency drive comes in.

The link you shared generates a PWM signal output as you turn the knob. This could be useful as a dimmer for LEDs or even as an efficient means to vary the speed of a DC spindle. Which could be useful as a stand alone form of speed control. It will not however allow you to remote control the speed of your spindle via the TinyG and G-Code commands.

check out this video - this shows how it should work for a DC Spindle https://youtu.be/OTGBs02PiPs

…one more thing the output voltage of the speed control module should not exceed the rated DC voltage of the spindle. It should also be able to supply enough current (amps) maximum load.