Will this board work with the FastLED library?  If not,

(Darby Nelson) #1

Will this board work with the FastLED library? If not, will it work with the older FastSPI_LED? Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks!

(Daniel Garcia) #2

No, it won’t. The original version of FastSPI_LED supported these (in fact I did some projects with a very similar board to that). However it required managing all the PWM on the Arduino side (with some ugly timer based code) because this only turns leds on/off - but doesn’t allow for setting PWM levels for it.

When I rewrote the library I decided to take out anything that required managing PWM on the controller (eg this board, the HL1606, and the lpd6803 which required the host to drive a PWM clock).

I’m not sure whether or not I even have that old code anymore.

(Darby Nelson) #3

Thanks for replying. To bad. I have been using the ShiftPWM library by Elco Jacobs. It works but I can’t get it to use different pins so I have been looking for other options. Looks like it doesn’t exist. I need to do PWM for 20 channels and have reasonably fast Ethernet communications. I am using the Yun but the bridge is painfully slow. Anyone have any other suggestions?

(Daniel Garcia) #4

That board’s page references a DMX to SPI converter, if you can find one that manages the PWM then you just need to shoot DMX data to it (and there’s a couple of DMX driver options in FastLED).

But yeah, host managed PWM is a pain in the ass, I just did this for a project on the PIC. It’s why I avoid it like the plague these days :slight_smile:

(Darby Nelson) #5

Thanks. I don’t have the physical space for the converter. That would be a good option if I did.