will this 3d printer project work.  3d pdf linked.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/nn6vahau0n7lwub/printer.PDF?dl=0

will this 3d printer project work.
3d pdf linked.

@Nathan_Walkner did you open it in actual acrobat an a desktop. Otherwise you cannot view a 3D PDF. I am on a phone now. I will look later today.

Quick look, three 90 deg bends on bowden tube? Think that spells trouble.

@Gustav_K_Gustavsson ​ The 90° bends are just for ease of drawing, the path is horizontal to vertical from spool to extruder then a simple 180° arc from extruder to hotend, basically no different than nearly all other bowden equipped printers.

@E_Wadsager ​ Can’t say much for the rest of the design, other than there is a lot of fabrication that needs to happen to build this, especially for the bed support.

for the bed support i will use
they only need to be cut in lenght.

they 2x 90 deg. bends on the tube is of couse only on the drawing.

btw i use Selfgraphite bearings for x and y axis.